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We’re equipped and ready to handle a broader scope of a misdemeanor or criminal charges. We’re here to guarantee that every one of our defendants is represented by the best legal defense team. Looking into a brief overview of the types of cases we’ve been tackling with great deals of success over the last few years will guide you in your decision. Contact us today!

No matter what the criminal charges may involve, we always first provide you with necessary information; so you can make a savvy informed decision during your legal process. Give us the opportunity to walk along side you with your criminal charges. Schedule a free consultation today with our firm.

A criminal action that results in death or physical injury or any unlawful use of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument is also our expertise.  When faced with a serious crime charge, it can be challenging to choose the right legal team. You may not realize that they have many options for a good legal team, and Infini Criminal Law Partners represents many who are charged with criminal activities in Arizona. Don’t leave your case to be handled by an attorney who is not experienced in these areas. You can choose a law firm that specializes in crimes defense.

Arizona criminal laws can be too broad and overreaching. You don’t always have to be a danger under the crime of DUI to technically be guilty. You can be charged with DUI by an officer if he believes you are impaired to the slightest degree in Arizona. If you have been charged with a DUI, we will diligently fight to protect your rights. Don’t be by yourself in this process; contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your legal options.

Criminal Charges Consequences That Can Occur And Impact Your Life 

Some different areas have the same type of consequences for criminal charges. For many people, getting a DUI, for example, can result in professional and personal damages, license suspension of couple of months to a year, depending on the offense. Criminal charges can place strain on your reputation with Community service assigned most of the time. There is a long list of other consequences that a judge may order to have you learn from the mistake.

When a DUI is considered a misdemeanor by the Motor Vehicle Division, it can lead to probation, completion of substance abuse courses, a fine of thousands of dollars, and temporary impediment of the vehicle. A DUI is often considered a misdemeanor for those who have never been convicted of a DUI before but are usually handled as felonies if someone is injured in the incident.

An aggravated DUI charge can be a felony charge, which will remain on your record and can disqualify you from being hired for specific jobs. After an aggravated DUI, the vehicle is impounded with the loss of license, long-term probation, and substantial fines.

These situations can become extremely involved in the blink of an eye and drivers that leave their trial up to chance or plead guilty could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars in fines and fees, a suspended license, and even time in jail.

First or second-degree murder, domestic violence, or aggravated assault require special attention, and are often contingent upon circumstance and treated accordingly.

The Importance of an Attorney in criminal charges

Any individual that has received a severe felonious assault such as reckless driving, a felony DUI, or even a misdemeanor DUI should contact a legal defender. Contact Infini Criminal Law if you or your loved one is in the situation. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the municipal courts and simplify this process from start to finish.

If you or a loved one has recently been charged with a criminal case of any type, do not leave the future up to chance. Contact our firm today and get proactive about protecting your future and legacy, and your finances.

Our skilled defense team has the experience and knowledge necessary to expose flaws that may be inconsistent with each of these offenses respectively. As a team, we are well-schooled in both state and federal law cases; and how to leverage on their usage to build strong lines of defense. Our experts team will use every tool at their disposal to seek an acquittal or mistrial.

Our journey as criminal lawyers is marked with continued successes. Our primary objective is to ensure a fair trial, that is if it even reaches that point. Many of our cases fail to make it that far, just because we know the federal and State of Arizona laws and how to use them to serve our clients with exceptional and highly packaged defense strategies. If you have a criminal offense charge, contact us or schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal matter.


Federal Crimes Laws

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Misdemeanor Laws

In Arizona, there are countless misdemeanor charges that a person can be charged with.

Felony Convictions Laws

The prospect of facing felony charges is a horrifying experience.

Domestic Violence Laws

Not only is domestic violence a serious offense to be charged with, it also extremely emotional and personal.

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