If you are charged with a federal drug crime You Need to Call Infini Law Group Now!The prospect of facing criminal charges can be stressful and frightening, but the task of taking on exceptionally skilled federal prosecutors, powerful federal law enforcement agencies, and harsh federal sentencing guidelines can be even more daunting.  When you are charged with federal criminal charges, you should consider the benefits of retaining an experienced federal criminal defense attorney with significant experience taking on federal prosecutors. Criminal defense in federal court differs in fundamental ways from state practice, so individuals facing federal charges benefit from retaining a law firm that regularly handles federal criminal cases in the District of Arizona and across the United States in all Federal District Courts.

Our Arizona federal criminal defense attorneys have a proven track record handling a broad spectrum of criminal charges in federal court.  Our lawyers are experienced and skilled federal court litigators. Our law firm has a well-established commitment to dedicating a significant part of our criminal defense practice to cases in federal court.  This familiarity means that we can successfully navigate the unique aspect of federal criminal cases while discovering the best defenses and legal strategies to reclaim your life. We offer the skill, legal acumen, experience, and tenacity that clients need when facing the vast resources of federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI, DOJ, IRS, DEA, ICE, as well as exceptionally skilled federal prosecutors.

Why You Need an Experienced Arizona Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Although both federal and state courts handle criminal cases, the similarity between federal and state criminal practice stops there. Because criminal cases in federal court are governed by their own legal standards, procedures, and evidentiary rules, the best federal court attorneys spend years acquiring in-depth knowledge of these standards and strategies for effectively applying them.  A few of these differences demonstrate the urgent need for an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer:

Law Enforcement Access to Resources: Unlike criminal cases in state court where cases typically arise from a complaining witness (e.g. victim), federal prosecutors have the vast investigative resources of the federal government.  Because powerful federal agencies and their agents benefit from more extensive resources, they devote extensive energy, time, and manpower to a federal investigation.

Federal Law: Federal crimes are part of the United States Code, which includes over 4,000 federal crimes.  Effective analysis of the facts and law requires a thorough familiarity with not only these federal offenses but also the massive body of federal court decisions that interpret these statutes.  This analysis is necessary to evaluate the merits of the charges and to identify and present the most compelling defense.

Role of Consultants and Expert Witnesses: Because many federal criminal prosecutions involve sophisticated subject matter and specialized industries, either side might rely on experts and consultants with special expertise.  Federal crimes might involve securities, medical billing practices, banking, computers, or medicine. If evidence was seized from the computer of the accused, for example, the defense might need experts to assess the method used to extract the data, as well as the individuals who created and accessed the data.

Extensive Discovery: Because of the extensive and sophisticated investigative tools available to federal agents, federal agencies often amass voluminous discovery materials, such as thousands or even millions of documents or many hours of wiretap recordings. Effective review and analysis of massive amounts of documents or other evidence require the use of sophisticated systems for reviewing discovery materials.  Federal criminal defense lawyers also must be intimately familiar with the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure that govern the discovery process.

Special Procedural and Evidentiary Rules: When you are charged with committing fraud against the U.S. government or federal drug trafficking charges, your case will be governed by the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and the Federal Rules of Evidence. The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure govern virtually every aspect of the judicial process in federal criminal courts, which includes grand jury proceedings, arraignment and initial appearance, procedures and legal standards for filing motions, subpoenas and the discovery process, and sentencing guidelines. Success in federal criminal cases requires intimate knowledge of these procedures, applicable deadlines, the evidentiary rules, and the enormous body of case law interpreting these rules and procedures.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines: The federal sentencing guidelines impose harsh penalties and enhancements that have a significant impact on judicial sentencing in federal criminal cases.  Effective defense in these cases requires extensive knowledge of the sentencing guidelines.

Common Federal Charges Our Arizona Federal Criminal Attorneys Handle

Because our federal criminal defense attorneys based in Arizona have experience defending individuals and entities charged with a broad spectrum of federal charges, we offer tenacious defense in federal criminal cases. Common criminal charges pursued by federal prosecutors include:

  • Child Pornography (18 USC Sec. 2251)
  • Drug Crimes/Trafficking (21 USC Sec. 841)
  • Securities Fraud (18 USC Sec. 1348/1349)
  • Tax Violations (26 USC Sec. 7201)
  • Money Laundering (18 USC Sec. 1956)
  • Border Crossing/Illegal Alien Smuggling (8 USC Sec. 1324)
  • Forgery/Counterfeiting (18 USC Sec. 21)
  • Mail Fraud (18 USC Sec. 1341)
  • Bank Robbery (18 USC Sec. 2113)
  • Organized Crime (18 USC Sec. 1961)
  • Internet Fraud (18 USC Sec.1030)

Sentencing In Federal Courts Can be Harsh.

The specific sentence imposed when a person is convicted of a federal crime will depend on the United States Sentencing Guidelines applicable to the offense.  While a complete discussion of this complex sentencing scheme is beyond the scope of this discussion, some reasons that federal sentences can be severe include:

  • Penalty enhancements apply to most federal offenses.
  • Individuals convicted of federal offenses serve a little  higher percentage of their sentence.

Speak to a Lawyer with Experience in Federal Court Today

Our experienced Arizona federal criminal defense attorneys can guide you through the federal justice system.  Our law firm recognizes the special challenges of mounting an effective defense and achieving a favorable outcome in federal criminal cases.  We provide thorough investigation, meticulous analysis of the government’s case, identification of the most effective defense strategies, persuasive advocacy, and zealous pursuit of the most positive outcome.   We meet with clients 24/7 and provide a free consultation, so you are welcome to call us to learn how we can make a difference.